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20070820095440 kadunce river (84608678).jpg20070820114819 Waterfalls bettween gorge walls (84612662).jpg20070820120505 a sense of scale (84612202).jpg20070820122652 a tree wedged in the canyon leaves its marks (84643549).jpg20070820124433 kadunce river gorge 1 (84376886).jpgkadunce 320060806110431 start of kadunce gorge (65238181).jpg20060806113728 view from in the Kadunce River gorge (64944828).jpgkadunce20060806114726 Kadunce river second waterfall (65240864).jpg20060806120349 kadunce river 2 (64865575).jpg20060806120658 kadunce river 4 (94438916).jpg20060806121141 kadunce gorge 2 (65263740).jpg20060806123411 kadunce river 3 (94436828).jpg20060806123922 kadunce river 2 (94436732).jpg20060806124129 shale walls (94435636).jpg20060806124946 kadunce river 3 (65262187).jpg20060806130227 the incredible beauty of water (94435197).jpg20060806130230 Kadunce River - rapids reflecting trees (64864865).jpgkadunce2

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