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20070915080154 humbly we come before you (85684018).jpg20070915080230 calling for help (85717131).jpg20070915081344 light cutting through the fog (88877853).jpg20071028095012 rising fog (88170835).jpg20060905071254 Minnesotat River bottoms (66383934).jpg20071013080250 morning fog (93935938).jpg20071013080557 morning fog 2 (93936215).jpg20030523074255 the road home (33526551).jpgInvalid DateTime Heron mists (33421253).jpg20070324083705 Male and Female he made them (76329342).jpg20070324090444 crossing paths (76141672).jpg20071028093704 frost and fog 2 (88380505).jpg20071028095320 late morning fg (88379971).jpg20071013084743 fog on the river (87244912).jpgpoplars n fogpoplars n fog 2poplar n fog color 2naked and alive

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