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20070315125227 fairy tale (75875408).jpg20070315123148 after the greatest artist 2 (75717701).jpg20071125124221 ice baubles (89487943).jpg20070114142628 ice along minnehaha 2 (73137926).jpgInvalid DateTime ice along minnehaha 3 (73138435).jpgice20090103112539 ice 2 (107768396).jpg20090203125735 topography 2 (108856439).jpg20090207123912 ice flow 0 (109016336).jpg20081122121743 ice in the river (106240635).jpg20060325113835 naptism river high falls (57850882).jpg20060325073403 mouth of gooseberry river (57791833).jpg20060325173413 ice in blue (57787874).jpg20060325114746 baptism river high falls (57789997).jpg20060325134728 fools on the ice (57876083).jpg20060325145818 kettles at temperance river (57953861).jpgInvalid DateTime ice 6 (109235176).jpg20090102113840 ice hand (107721161).jpg20090103102838 ice pano (107764849).jpg20070315121612 after the greatest artist (75717359).jpg

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