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20081005084930 104279957.jpg20081027172643 bleeding leaf (105154332).jpg20081020121430 deteriorate (104838451).jpg20080912092349 water on leaf (103026433).jpg20080904185716 decaying leaf (102680910).jpg20071023094713 leaves on the water 3 (87779720).jpg20070805110238 rose petal on cement stone wall (83423672).jpg20051014094939 bleeding color (51747817).jpg20050924130317 leaf on the road (49883612).jpg20080722185935 forest forms (100592886).jpg20041004143135 September (35703775).jpg20080506123717 dried leaf (96688450).jpg20071023075632 frosted leaves (88510770).jpg20081025113439 yellow leaves blue sky (105037029).jpg20081015120448 leaves on the water (104732824).jpg20081012164749 leaves on oily water (108211083).jpg20081012163601 maple leaves (104501113).jpg20071013101157 pebble on a leaf (87172351).jpg20061021112009 dying leaves (69012605).jpggray days and falling leaves

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Julian Kaesler Photography
I don't think I've ever seen the modest subject of leaves displayed with so much creativity and beauty, fantastic work!
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