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Washington State Trip
I just got back Tuesday evening (Dec 6, 2005) from a trip out to WA (that is Washingtom state not Wide Angle for you non-USA folks).
I spent a week in Spokane and got snowed on (one of the most beautiful snow evening I have experienced - coming from a land of snow that says something :-)

Rented a teeny tiny small car and scared the pants off me going over the Cascades as snow was descending along with the night. Wish I was not such a chicken as the Cascades were really beautiful especially in the area around the rock slide on Interstate 90. Headed past Seattle out to the Olympic Peninsula.

Got to Kalaloch on Friday evening and did the beaches from there on Saturday - no rain! Stopped at Ruby beach, and La Push (giants graveyard) as well as several of the numbered beaches. I was surprised at the force of the ocean in this area - pounding surf!
Sunday went to the Hoh rainforests - it snowed a little - saw plenty of eagles and some elk. All pictures of animals were junk and I won't post those :-)
Monday I went to Quinault lake and the rainforest trail, amazing the mountains rising up around the lake. On the way back into Seattle I stopped at Pacific Beach south of Moclips (Now I know where Terry Brooks got that name) for a sunset.
I also stopped at Pikes Market for some crab - got 50 lbs gross weight. Good golly the service was wonderful.
950 miles on that car!
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