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20080505201859 Memorial to the fallen scarecrow (96750826).jpggrasses20080730121919 ballet (101029574).jpgswamp grasses20061024122524 hanrahan meadows (69134491).jpg20090408181423 fallen tree (111102312).jpg20070617150616 edge of the field (80717855).jpg20080904194351 reeds (103955646).jpg20090410193546 grasses 4 (111161120).jpg20070327125024 grass after the snow melt (76316914).jpg20061001175101 old bones late in the day (67979129).jpg20090421123047 grasses 5 (111677643).jpg20090423174933 grasses 6 (111691944).jpg20090428172954 grasses 7 (111900200).jpg20090408183932 grasses 2 (111100406).jpg20090407123242 out in the swamp (111124741).jpg20080512175102 grass along the river bank (96995898).jpg20080428200243 weeds (96315126).jpg20080626192858 meadow grasses (99300938).jpg20080817193209 coming up from below (102283184).jpg

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