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20080113134914 ice 3 (91637169).jpg20080101155805 a bit of movement (93854555).jpg20080103210624 stone arch bridge (91470191).jpg20080103211741 view from central ave (91286519).jpg20080103212100 night light 2 (91284144).jpg20080106132851 an umbrella of clouds like sand beneath the ocean (91383744).jpg20080106141002 birch trees in the snow 2 (91384952).jpg20080106141221 birch trees in the snow (91384508).jpg20080106144037 left behind (91386242).jpg20080106150651 paying the price (91341317).jpg20080108065520 morning fog (91407854).jpg20080108071449 tanglage (91423132).jpg20080108074427 foggy morning at Cleary Lake (91418910).jpg20080112113838 lichen (91578556).jpg20080113134914 ice 3 (91637169).jpg20080113135149 ice 2 (91635591).jpg20080113150740 beaver (91654750).jpg20080114103916 frost 11 (91685164).jpg20080116134631 feather and a drop of water (91757384).jpg20080118114324 drops 2 (91817767).jpg

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