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20070110123837 hanging leaf (72911171).jpg20070113134553 cast off embryonic life (73169359).jpg20070113141134 a foot of ice (73089758).jpg20070113152547 ice milk (73127818).jpg20070114140554 Coming out of darkness into the cold (73136304).jpg20070114141332 ice along minnehaha 1 (73137316).jpg20070114141652 happy feet (73217559).jpg20070114141819 diminishing waterfall (73178190).jpg20070114142628 ice along minnehaha 2 (73137926).jpg20070114142855 riding the waves (73080355).jpg20070114202114 snowstorm1 (73192714).jpg20070114202339 snowstorm 4 (73192716).jpg20070115081346 stretching in the cold air (73215713).jpg20070115081543 Lake sunrise (73215466).jpg20070115081629 lakeshore woods (73215508).jpg20070115084745 fresh snow and a strong wind (73215082).jpg20070115090418 long shadows (73213964).jpg20070115094028 frost 4 (73135911).jpg20070115121505 frost 6 (73216946).jpg20070115121553 frost 3 (73135363).jpg

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