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20070609193513 feeling small (80276685).jpg20070609193840 urban landscape with lawn (80310514).jpg20070609195246 parallels along a different plane (80313693).jpg20070609195910 abstract (80313160).jpg20070609200021 reflecting on the nature of things (80311777).jpg20070609201806 room with a view (80310630).jpg20070610125007 big woods hidden falls (80315101).jpg20070610152722 cell tower (80316674).jpg20070613202431 water tower 2 (80539474).jpg20070613202451 water tower 1 (80539422).jpg20070614123231 water lily 3 (80540786).jpg20070614123507 water lily (80530320).jpg20070615123949 lilly b w (80578946).jpg20070616135641 coupled monarchs (80780864).jpg20070616140006 coupled monarchs 2 (80781029).jpg20070616160736 red admiral top (80781302).jpg20070617132103 Red-spotted Purple Admiral (80782469).jpg20070617150616 edge of the field (80717855).jpg20070617172636 new frog (80718521).jpg20070619125350 water lilly 3 (80846314).jpg

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